English Qabalah:
The Key of it All

Kerubim: The Angels of the Four Secret Paths

By David Cherubim
(Quartus Cherub)
Copyright © 1996 e.v.
All rights reserved.

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

In Liber AL II:55, it is written in the Voice of our Lord Hadit: "Thou shalt obtain the order & value of the English Alphabet; thou shalt find new symbols to attribute them unto." The English Alphabet has 26 letters, whereas our traditional Magical Alphabet, the Hebrew Alphabet, has only twenty-two letters. The twenty-two letters of the Hebrew Alphabet are linked with the twenty-two Paths of the Qabalistic Tree of Life and with the twenty-two Atu of Thoth (Major Arcana of Tarot). The 26 letters of the English Alphabet also pertain to the twenty-two Paths which connect the ten Sephiroth on the Qabalistic Tree of Life, and also to the four secret Paths of the Ageless Tree which also connect certain Sephiroth on the Tree. The order of the English Alphabet, as indicated in verse 55 of Chapter II of the Book of the Law, pertains to the proper arrangement of the 26 letters of the English Alphabet on the Qabalistic Tree of Life. Their value, as indicated in this same verse, denotes a new system of Numerology. The new symbols of this same verse denote the four secret Paths of the Tree of Life which, till this day, have remained hidden in the Sanctuary of Occult Wisdom. But the Tree of Life is incomplete without the addition of the four secret Paths, and therefore we must now expound upon these four Mysteries to make whole that which was partial.

The making visible of the four secret Paths on the Tree of Life gives birth to a new Tree to accord with the English Alphabet, which is our Magical Alphabet for the New Aeon of Horus. This new Tree of Life, which incorporates the English Alphabet of 26 letters rather than the 22 letters of the Hebrew Alphabet, gives us 36 Paths of Wisdom in all (10 Sephiroth and 26 Paths). The sum of the numbers of 36 is 666, the Great Number of the Sun. Also, 36 is the Mystic Number of the Sephira Hod or the sum of 8, which is the number of Thoth-Hermes-Mercury, the Logos or Word of the Gods, and the Lord of Magick, Occult Science and Tarot.

The 26 Paths of the new Tree of Life give us a new Major Arcana of Tarot, a set of "new symbols" or Trumps, which include four new Atu of Thoth, called "Knowledge, Courage, Will, and Silence" or "To Know, To Dare, To Will, and to Keep Silence." These are the four Powers of the Sphinx, which are the Occult Virtues of the initiated Magician. The four new Atu of Thoth are also linked with the four Worlds of the Qabalah (Atziluth, Briah, Yetzirah, and Assiah), the four Kerubim or Holy Living Creatures who guard the Universal Sanctuary of Wisdom, and the four Thelemic principles of Light, Life, Love and Liberty. They are also linked with the four Philosophical Elements of Fire, Water, Air and Earth, whereas the remaining twenty-two Trumps of Tarot correspond with Sol, Luna, the eight Planets (Pluto, Uranus, Neptune, Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Venus and Mercury) and the Twelve Astrological Signs (Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces).

The four mysterious Paths, like the common twenty-two Paths of the Tree of Life, connect two Sephiroth each. Thus one Path connects the two Sephiroth called Geburah and Chokmah, another Path connects Geburah and Kether, another Path connects Chesed and Binah, and another Path connects Chesed and Kether. From this it will be observed that a second Unicursal Hexagram can be formed on the Tree of Life, with Da’ath in its center, whereas the first Unicursal Hexagram contains Tiphareth in its center. Also, a second Pentagram can be formed on the Tree of Life with the application of the four secret Paths. The four secret Paths complete the symbol of the Tree of Life, making it a perfect symbol of the Unity of All Things. These four Paths make perfect that which was an imperfect image of the Universe, giving birth to a whole new Qabalistic system of classification and thinking.

26, the number of letters and paths in our Thelemic Qabalah, is the sacred number of the Tetragrammaton or Yod-Heh-Vav-Heh (IHVH). The Tetragrammaton corresponds with the Four Worlds of the Qabalah. Our English Qabalah contains the Mysteries of the Four Worlds. 26 is also the sum of the numbers of the Four Sephiroth of the Middle Pillar: 1 (Kether) + 6 (Tiphareth) + 9 (Yesod) + 10 (Malkuth) = 26. The Middle Pillar is a Phallic Symbol of the Yechidah (True Self) and it is the Great Key to Initiation. Our English Qabalah contains the Mysteries of Initiation. 26 is also the sum of the numbers of the four Fixed Signs of the Zodiac, that is, Taurus (2), Leo (5), Scorpio (8), and Aquarius (11). These are the Kerubim, the Angels of the Elements from the point of view of Malkuth (Earth) or the Holy Living Creatures from the point of view of Kether (Spirit). These four Holy Kerubim are magically linked with the four mysterious Paths on the new Tree of Life. They are the Angelic Guardians of the Sacred Mysteries, Four-in-One and One-in-Four, that is, the Fourfold Nature of the Winged Sphinx of the Sun.

26 is the magical number of the Cube of the Sun. It is written in the Book of the Law that the Cube is a symbol of our Lord Hadit, the Sun. The Cube has 6 sides, 8 points or corners, and 12 edges or boundary lines. The Cube contains the Great Secret of the Universe. In Alchemical terminology, it is the Stone of the Philosophers. The Cube is made of six squares; it is therefore linked with the Hexagram, the sacred symbol of the Sun. It is the Folded Cross of six squares which contains the Mystical Rose or Pentagram in its Center. The Rose is concealed in the Cube or Folded Cross; it represents the Secret of Secrets or the Arcanum Arcanorum of our Sacred Magick. By the unfolding of the Cube of the Sun is this Great Secret revealed; and the Cross and Rose, the Hexagram and Pentagram, become One in Eternity.

Love is the law, love under will.


The Order & Value
of the English Alphabet

The order and value of the English Alphabet is simple yet profound in nature. The order pertains to the Paths of the new Tree of Life, which are linked with the 26 letters of our Thelemic Alphabet. The value of each letter is a multiplication of Six, the sacred number of the Beast (The Sun). 26 multiplied by 6 produces the number 156, which is the sacred number of Babalon (The Moon). The English Alphabet is the Magical Alphabet of the Sun and Moon. The value of the English Alphabet begins with the number of the Beast (The Sun) and ends with the number of Babalon (The Moon).



















































































Mystic Eye

Numbers and their
Words by use of
the English Qabalah

The proof of our system of the English Qabalah can, for the most part, be found in the successful application of the Science of Gematria, which is based on the relative numerical values of words. That is, words and/or phrases with the same numerical value can be related or linked with each other. For example, according to our system, the words English Qabalah produce the number 696, which is also the number of Thelemites and Key of it All (AL III:47). The English Qabalah is the Key of it All for Thelemites, that is, for those who accept the Book of the Law and Thelema. The word Thelema in our system produces the number 384. So does the word Nuit. Thus Thelema is equivalent to Nuit. And, as a final example, the words Ankh-af-na-khonsu, Ra-Hoor-Khuit, and Double Wanded One, all produce the number 864. This requires no comment. It is enough to say here that our system obviously works!

The words of our English Qabalah can also be linked with words from other systems through their equivalent numerical values. So, for instance, the Hebrew words ShMSh VIRCh (Sun and Moon) and AShT ZNVNIM (Woman of Whoredom) give us the numerical value of 864 in the Hebrew Qabalah. The Sun and Moon and Woman of Whoredom can therefore be related to the words Ra-Hoor-Khuit, Double Wanded One, Ankh-af-na-khonsu, and Scarlet Woman, which all produce the number 864 by use of our English Qabalah. As another simple example, the word Babalon, by use of the Hebrew Qabalah, produces the number 156. By our system, the word God produces the number 156. We may thus freely interpret this as implying that Babalon (The Moon) and God (The Sun) are One. The possibilities are infinite!

As a final note, the words listed below are mainly English, Latin, Hebrew, Greek, Egyptian, Sanskrit, Chinese, Japanese, and Arabic. This list of numbers and words is by no means complete and can be expanded upon by the serious student of our English Qabalah. Many of the words listed below are from Liber Legis (The Book of the Law).

12 = A.·. A.·.

18 = Ba, Ab.

24 = Aba.

54 = Ah, Add.

60 = Aha.

66 = G.·. D.·.

72 = Ka, Aib.

78 = Had, AL, LA, He, Id, Age.

84 = Ida.

90 = O, Bal, Ama.

96 = Kaaba, Fade, Gi.

102 = Ob.

108 = Die, Deed.

114 = Egg, Ra, And, Adam, Jah, Od.

120 = Cabala, Abel, Kah, Nada, Anda, Chi, Ki.

126 = R.·. C.·., AGLA, Abide, Li.

132 = Go, Abra, Lead, Bija, Kaia.

138 = Ho, Oh, I Am, Made, In, Kebad, Maha, Naga.

144 = Nia, Ain, Io, Aub, Aima.

150 = IAO, OAI, All, Sea, Bend, Mecca, Te.

156 = God, AL-LA, Ajna, Bare, Hide, Eat, Aud, Obi, Lam, Kama.

162 = Din, Ego, Cain, Lo, Red, Hand.

168 = OM, Japa, Man, Air, Dare, Eva, Hara.

174 = ON, AOM, Black, Asi, Isa, Chiah, Gog, Chela.

180 = Agape, Magi, Eagle, ABMN, HUA, Peace, Ye, Hail, Bible, Raja.

186 = Pan, Chief, Obeah, Odic, Kamea, Cube, Bell, Aye, Anicca, Agni, Kara.

192 = Life, Ire, Fate, Eve, Abased, Dew, Leo, Sage, Deva, Veda, Jihad.

198 = Name, Amen, Gate, Alas, Magic, Mara, Lil, Kali, Akasa, Kata.

204 = One, Kin, Allah, Camel, Binah, Daath, Grace, Lila, Vach, Kami.

210 = Nu, Aeon, Aum, Ananda, Lance, Pen, Peck, Eye, Flap, Bond, Image, Keen, Grade, Orb, Abbey, Nil, Maat, Lamed, Mahdi, Padma, China.

216 = Child, Tao, Law, F.I.A.T., Kaph, Oil, Come, Asana, Hari.

222 = Khem, Flame, Rod, Hex, Hell, Hades, Edom, Teach, Fold, Seal, Sela, Apas.

228 = Palace, Gold, Fire, Apep, Alpha, Ion, Briah, Bride, Ocean, Nigh, Death, Change, Anima, Bodhi, Hatha, Kri.

234 = Angel, QBLH, ST (Set), Ass, Asar, Ox, Graal, Wicca, Cakes, Art, Albedo, Ibis, Hold, Engage, Vice, Laya, Loka.

240 = Khu, Robe, Aur, Mind, Maya, Devi, Buddha, Marga, Dhamma, Jnana, Yama, Chit, Sat, Madim, Us, Blue, Cup, Nile, Nay, HCOMA.

246 = Khabs, Akasha, King, Omega, Chalice, Key, Alien, Defile, Awake, Abaddon, Oz, Eloah, Pax, Koan.

252 = Hadit, Self, Coph, Aleph, Wand, Dagger, Cloak, Rebel, Charge, War, Budo, Odin, Qabalah, Atu, Arcane, Libra, Sin, Hecate, Tau, Math, Lamp, Chakra, Hum, Jiva, Agamas.

258 = Kiblah, Hawk, Ares, Mark, Tav, Charm, Cast, Tin, Adore, Book, Regal, Lodge, Goat, Magog, Guna, Aditi, Brahma, Mahat, Linga, Hansa, Bhakta.

264 = Magick, Oath, Karma, Godhead, Adonai, Set, Hidden, Space, Aum Ha, Yod, Chesed, Abraham, Opal, Gems, Cancer, Cheth, Dojo.

270 = Gods, East, Zen, Path, Enoch, Elijah, Ptah, Lamen, Leader, Ojas, Dharma.

276 = Wanga, Chant, Adept, Aurae, Aurea, Sol, Anahata, Ogdoad, Magical, Liber, Link, Zraa, Khemi, Cairo, Exceed, Behold, Them, Chaos, Body, Dung, Dove, Hero, Shaddai, Elias, Indra.

282 = Beast, Babalon, Grail, Nemo, HRU, IHVH, Beliar, Alone, Monad, Time, Ahephi, Anubi, Embrace, Ablaze, Force, Bull, Dharana, Jinn, Yang.

288 = Yoga, Tree, Ring, Son, None, Fool, Evil, Veil, Labor, Craft, Sex, Soma, Blood, Luna, Shu, Arhat, Buddhi, Manas, Yin.

294 = Lord, Deus, Way, Cause, Not, That, Atom, Atman, Beetle, Ayin, Enigma, Sign, Athena, Rajas, Aikido.

300 = Chiefs, Circle, Sangha, Salem, Orgia, Joy, Sacred, Drug, Snake, Lion, Fohat, Bindu, Prana, Shin, Hyle, Ceres, Learn, I.N.R.I., Redeem, Flesh, Tomb, Fight, Animal, Wind, Void, Owl, I Ching, Tai Chi, NANTA.

306 = Ta-Nech, Samael, Khamael, Iblis, Siva, Mars, Falcon, Aureae, Demon, Go On, Feast, Wine, Elite, Rome, Fates, Task, Forge, Guard, Ruach, Michael, Yajna, Bhakti.

312 = Heru, Heart, Legis, Seth, Daemon, Pride, Devil, Tacere, Anpu, Altar, Earth, Guph, Salt, Rite, Mass, Pope, Six, Aries, Arise, Raise, Staff, Create, Door, Ordo, Madhya, Diksha, Vajra.

318 = N.O.X., To Me, Womb, Conceal, Many, Divide, Banish, Soar, Reign, Rebis, Dhyana, Seti, Sabbath, Myo.

324 = Love, Vagina, Regina, Voice, Breath, Aeons, Eyes, Sun, Peacock, Oracle, Taro, Ator, Rota, Combat, Engine, Girt, Beware, Creeds, Audere, Scire, Gabriel, Islam, Tum, Tamas, Budoka.

330 = Satan, Io Pan, Ordeal, Anus, Samadhi, Aour, Sky, Heaven, Adepti, Sufi, Song, Girdle, Burn, Object, Ganesha, Ahankara.

336 = Hoor, Lingam, Semen, Light, Ether, Ardor, Iron, Will, Velle, Toil, Attack, Enflame, Isis, Wise, Scribe, Poet, Paper, Sigil, Bound, Yoke, Yogi, Karate.

342 = Abrahadabra, Magician, Magickal, Lux, To Go, Aught, Anatta, No Man, Cherub, Kerub, Mezla, Bacchus, Goetia, Diary, Refine, Human, Assiah, Eros, Rose, Swan, Moon, Divided, Gemini, Abjure, Slay, Army, Mudra, Meru, Acharya, Brahman, Tapas.

348 = Star, Zodiac, Angels, Radiate, L.V.X., Fenix, Science, Father, Gedulah, Vices, Evoke, Night, Kiss, Emerald, Advaita.

354 = Liber AL, Cipher, Island, Keph-Ra, Brass, Spear, Shiva, Dragon, Thebes, Chokmah, Hagios, Alkhemi, Aryan, Koran, BITOM.

360 = Aiwaz, Akrasia, Word, Vow, Battle, Kings, Mingle, Pelican, Saladin, Teacher, Nakhiel, Inner, Order, Holy, Diamond, Pure, Desire, Pray, Hymn, Khut, Pekht, Pingala, Prajna, Aditya, Ashram, Seiza.

366 = Stele, Magus, Vox, The Man, Aquila, Thor, Steel, Raphael, Trance, Bliss, Chakras, Svara.

372 = Ompehda, Lurk, Amenti, Tuat, Concealed, Refuge, Queen, Riches, Delicacy, Climax, Amrita, Axiom, Action, Mason, Geburah, Nechesh, Elohim, Torah, Nyima, Dhammapada.

378 = Eleven, Yechidah, Penis, Yoni, Witch, Reveal, Divine, Avatar, Fiery, Sight, Know, Factor, Aright, Olive, Rishi, Sempai.

384 = Thelema, Nuit, Orbit, Paths, Tzaddi, Kteis, Bosom, Zero, Dust, Unit, Iacchus, Ahriman, Bright, Leaping, Red Flame, Censer, Musk, Spit, Spell, Test, Cower, Push, Thou, Wilt, Cometh, Depart, True, Chosen, Vehicle, Zion, Israel, Qadosh, Vital, Mercy, Amoun, Dikshaka, Avatara, Kriya, EXARP.

390 = Center, Hoori, Armies, Red Gleam, Rejoice, Solar, Delight, Enchant, Music, Orgy, Caress, Breast, Attain, Mental, State, Beyond, Prince, White, Horse, Alphabet, Choose, Method, Token, Rubedo, Arjuna, Shambhala.

396 = Coph Nia, ALGMOR, Abrasax, Abyss, Black Flame, Freedom, Blessed, Lunar, Woman, Curse, Smite, Swear, Stir, Beasts, Upon, Floor, Ruby, Rich Man, Single, Empire, Sodom, Anubis, Auriel.

402 = Kheph-Ra, Kether, The One, Silence, Alchemy, Ishmael, Male Child, Honey, Water, West, Hanged Man, Vesta, Hegemon, The Fine, Soul, Challenge, Work, Cabalist, Mantra, Moksha, Guru.

408 = Logos, Hermes, Shakti, House, Planet, ARARITA, Aspire, Priase, Poetic, Mirth, Frater, Helios, Melekim, Manus, Genital, Pillar, Decipher, Zohar, Heretic, Avesta, Karateka.

414 = Khuit, Reward, MUAUM, Jasper, Emblems, Nous, Orphic, Knight, Kerubic, Archangel, Enochian, Mithra, Enjoy, Serve, Whore, Akolasia, Coiling, Venom, Drugs, Joys, Wealth, Dynamic, Paradigm, Abrogate, People, Vayu.

420 = Secret, Proof, I am Alone, Galaxy, Azoth, Metals, Pour, Essence, Erotic, Feasts, Especial, Duty, Honor, Courage, Wrath, Bewitch, Enemies, Accuser, Lilith, Demeter, Israfel, Dzyan, Isvara, Yogin, Himalaya.

426 = Thoth, Virgo, Sperm, Royal, Temple, Astral, Sphere, Secure, Opus, Naught, Desert, Against, Purged, Arcanum, Spices, Jasmine, Ameshet, Apollo, Zeus, Pisces, Chakshu, Mahatman, Sensei.

432 = Bahlasti, Aiwass, Shaitan, Avenger, Warfare, Reguli, Lover, Mariage, Lust, Liberate, Nuith, One Palace, Neschamah, World, Samsara, Amulet, Pantacle, Money, Reason, Revealed, Siddhis, Nigredo, Mohammed, Krisna, Hanuman.

438 = LAShTAL, Hermit, Ophite, Crown, All in All, Union, Stone, Copper, Shrine, Perfect, Goddess, Crucible, Orgasm, Sacrifice, Paradise, Redeemer, Crafty, Fighter, Wotan, Mentu, Orus, Utchat, Egypt, Children, United, Nation, Solve, Assuage, Anoint, Skry, Pranava, Samyama, Lakshmi.

444 = Lucifer, Messiah, Aurora, Aurum, Solis, Proud, Martial, Beauty, Orgone, Energy, Severe, Ordeals, Weapon, Chariot, Tarot, Tantra, Occult, Element, Cross, Point, Quanta, Harlot, Accursed, Fruit, English, Gematria, Jewels, Jesus, IHShVH, He-Phren, Themis, Mukti.

450 = Ra-Hoor, Thelemic, Abuldiz, Iunges, Write, Eternal, Guardian, Electric, Genius, Eye of Ra, Abramelin, Templi, Ishtar, Direful, Profane, Shells, North, Friends, Arrow, Zayin, Yi King, Karate-Do.

456 = Behemoth, Belarion, Master, Bowels, Vault, Invoke, One Self, Highest, Revenge, Vengeance, Age of War, Jissen, Absolve, Mongol, Diamanos, Psyche, Sephira, Musick.

462 = Chief of All, Chief Adept, Stars, New Aeon, Red Circle, Red Lion, Elixir, HRILIU, Diabolos, Christ, Hexagram, Shemesh, Caduceus, Athanor, Alkahest, Animus, Swift, Matter, Power, Glory, At Rule, Despise, Runes, Jivanu, Varuna.

468 = Scarlet, Red Wine, Mulier, All is All, Ars Regia, Lofty, Genitalia, Nephesch, Slaves, Wage War, Bushido, Comrades, The Elect, Garment, Samkhya.

474 = Ordeal x, Sword, Kerubim, Cherubim, Nirvana, Baptize, Silent, Virgin, Love All, Gluten, Soften, Mother, Nature, Muladhara, Thrill, Arouse, Words, Tahuti, Kerux, Lao Tze, Sutra, Yantra.

480 = Baphomet, The Beast, Heru-Ra-Ha, Hawk's Head, Egg of Blue, Throne, Fellatio, Baptism, Subject, Girders, Kung-Fu.

486 = Horus, Augoides, Sorath, Elagabalus, Extended, Square, Tower, Ferment, Black Earth, Venus, Senses, Ritual, Wizard, Dikshita, Orient, Wu Wei.

492 = Soldier, Samurai, Armageddon, Basilisk, Strike, Ain Soph, Satori, Buddhahood, Man-Sun, Magical Child, Innocence, Quest, Rainbow, Qesheth, Anointed, Tongue, Myrrh, Sexual, Vessel, Pylon, Mighty, Intent, Rishis.

498 = Gnosis, Wisdom, Tehuti, Phallos, Motto, Magick Art, Splendid, Spells, Geomancy, Prayer, Comment, South, Forest, Black Sun, Adam Qadmon, Bodhidharma, Sattva, Dharmakaya, Bhagavad Gita.

504 = Apophis, Pluto, Lucifuge, Savior, Cosmos, Cucurbite, Convey, Particle, Perfume, Colour, Astarte, Daughter, Surya, Vajradhara, Taoist, Mushin.

510 = Hiereus, Enterer, Shemsu, Uraeus, Matrix, Nought, Tantric, Coition, Coagulate, Devour, Het-Heru, Hathoor, Soror, Vesper, Silver, Shroud, Curses, Fearless, Trample, Crucify, Golgotha, En to Pan, Kula Marga, Shinto.

516 = Mantras, Voodoo, Armour, Tantrica, Maha-Rishi, Brother, Adeptus, Knower, Revealer, Red Dragon, Celestial, Insight, Pyramid, Triangle, Formula, Conjure, Infinite, Motion, Loathing, Swoon, Libertas, Occidental, Mundum, Malkuth, Ahathoor, Sumeria, Nephilim, Sahasrara.

522 = No-Thing, Gnostic, Priest, Initiate, Sufism, Blessing, Coitus, Truth, All is One, Stellar, Planets, Perdure, Homeward, Pillars, Unique, Elemental, Lotus, Sruti, Kali Yuga.

528 = Khonsu, Purple, Excellence, Apostle, Mithras, Vision, Black Dragon, Vishudda.

534 = Therion, Phallus, Osiris, Amalantrah, Religion, Unity, Mystic, Success, Availest, Talisman, Hologram, Seraphim, Brahma-Dvara, Go-No-Sen.

540 = Orison, Sphinx, Alchemist, Inspire, Inmost, Emperor, Free Will, Thunder, Consume, Daimonos, Pranayama.

546 = Phoenix, Spirit, To Will, Liberty, Lovely, Darkness, Crimson, Sanctum, Sodomy, Chancellor, Ko Yuen.

552 = Boleskine, Leviathan, Magister, Sex Magick, Magical Link, Astrum, Sapphire, Ecstasy, Vigour, Laughter, Confound, Nations, Numbers, Stones, The Seeing, Beni Elohim, Hermits, Ophites, Electron, Emanation, Yeheshua, Maitreya, Siddhartha.

558 = Strive, Conquer, Lifted Up, Solaris, Strong, Passion, Revealing, Saturn, Elements, Spangles, Pentalpha, Manipura, Vishnu.

564 = Sacrament, Paroketh, Uranus, Minerval, Covenant, Grimoire, Third Eye, Unicorn, Esoteric, Harmony, Good Ones, Oriental, Ahura-Mazda, Sannyasa, Mokuso.

570 = Clear Light, Pentagram, Dominus, Lord of All, Son of God, Solar Eagle, Sirius, Mazloth, Metagalactic, Manyhood, Kundalini, Scorpio, White Eagle, Empress, Neptune, Purify, Process, Reverence, Nemyss, Gomorrah.

576 = Set-Heru, Bes-Na-Maut, War Engine, Metaphor, Knowledge, Freemason, Our Lady, Aphrodite, Overcome, Destiny.

582 = Thelemite, Zelator, Cake of Light, Delicious, Pleasure, Adoration, Blue and Gold, Serpent, Tempter, Angel of Hell, Protect, Sanctify, Holy Place, Electrum, Egyptian, Kinsfolk, Fourfold, Cherubic Man, Son of Man, Capricorn, Sumeru.

588 = Prophet, Chosen One, Liber Legis, Militant, Age of Thelema, Regenerate, Typhon, Sacerdotal, Ceremony, Teletarchae, Proton.

594 = Golden Dawn, Holy Graal, Integrate, Fortify, Magickal Self, Conspire, Current, Firmament, Most High, God of Earth, Jupiter, Fortune, Vocation, Physics, Poetry, Letters, Olive Oil, Arduous, Rapture, Autocrat, Servant, Thought.

600 = Set-Hoor, Hrumachis, Perdurabo, Be Strong, Rituals, Benediction, Writing, Hermetics, Lithe Body, Macrocosm, Great Enigma, Lightning, Red Stone, Taurus, Vishudhi.

606 = Man of Earth, Shameless, Blasphemy, Evil Ones, Starry, System, Tree of Life, Invisible, Archetype, Kabeshunt, Nirvanin, Sunyata.

612 = New Order, Mystical, Warrior, Amorous, Perdurable, Sublimate, Unguent, Equation, Solstice, Orpheus, Svastika, Prakriti, Tao Te Ching.

618 = Great Rite, Consecrate, Princess, Alostrael, Student, Magical Diary, Androgyne, Mercury, Swastika, Sorcery, Intrigue, Politics, The Just, Pax Romana.

624 = Holier Place, City of God, Stature, Force and Fire, Eucharist, Substance, Arcanorum, Grand Word, Theurgy, Art of Magick, Evocation, Sandalphon, Bornless, Observer, Keep Silence, Elder Kings, Sunoches, Jerusalem, Purusha.

630 = VITRIOL, Dissolve, Fire and Blood, Clitoris, Tiphareth, Equinox, Masonry, Brothers, Triumph, Joyous, Liberation.

636 = Infinity, True Self, Blood of a Child, Sphynx, Metatron, Bridegroom, Collective, Solar King, Prophecy, Masked Ones, Space-marks, Breed Lust, Rhapsody, Withdraw.

642 = Solar Self, Sun of Life, Brahmarandhra, Minister, Autocracy, Treasure, Mountain, Dance of Shiva, Quantum, Neutron, Aquarius, Tumautef.

648 = Locked Glass, Neophyte, The Profane, Microcosm, House of Ra, Worship, Secret Fire, Prime Agent, Green Dragon, Instinct, Jivamukta.

654 = Threshold, Royal Road, Metagalaxy, Seed of Satan.

660 = Love of Nu, Rosae Rubeae, Pure Joy, Spirits, Nehushtan, Hermanubis, Apollyon, Practicus, Tincture, Royal Art, Meditation, Tao Teh King.

666 = Christos, Solar Adept, Sun-Kerub, Babe of Baphomet, Demiurgos, Strength, Perfection, Law of Love, Mystos, Noumenon, Emanations, Secret Key, Buttocks, Abramelin Oil, Computer, Autocratic, Angel of Mars, Inner Demon, Witchcraft, Necromancy, The Gross, Prithivi.

672 = Upon them, Curse them, Victory, Fresh Fever, Lord of War, Rich Jewels, Veiled Sky, Yetzirah, Four Gates, Pure Heart, Unknown, Divinity, Upanishads.

678 = Night Sky, Universe, Ruach Elohim, All is Holy, Synergy, English QBLH, O Chosen One, O Prophet, Blessed Beast, Elohim Gibor, Flashing Flame, Strike Hard, Excorcist, Unveiling, Abomination, Apocalypse, Salvation.

684 = Hierophant, Inner Voice, Conquest, Desolation, Promises, Skew-wise, Folk folly, Perpetual, Giver of Life, Yin and Yang.

690 = Ra-Hoor-Khu, Initiator, Imperator, Khabs Am Pekht, Palace of Light, House of God, Middle Pillar, Agelong Love, A Little Child, Age of Horus, Eye of Shiva, Sulphur, Strategy, Intelligence, Certainty, Watchword, Nephthys.

696 = English Qabalah, Key of it All, Thelemites, Bind Nothing, Pure Will, Glorious, Angel of Light, Eternity, Sushumna, Vivasvat, Sannyasin.

702 = Prophets, Chosen Ones, Child Horus, Christus, Eternal Self, Atziluth, Position, Astral Body, Clerk-House, Communion, Divination.

708 = Great Work, Alchemystic, Unicursal, Limitless, Sephiroth, Theoricus, Fierce Lust, Wonderful, Cancellarius, Coagulation, Our Chosen, Servants, Thoughts, Incarnation.

714 = Hawk-Headed Lord, All Seeing Eye, High Priest, The Knower, Crown of All, Foundation, Frankincense.

720 = Secret Chiefs, Illuminati, Aurora Aurea, Aeon of Thelema, Heru-Pa-Kraat, Inner Teacher, Inner Order, True Will, Intention, Initiation, Incantation, Throne of Ra, Fortress.

726 = Child of Thelema, Strangely, Antichrist, Second Coming, Bodhisattva, Firstborn, Silent Self, Great Secret, Ecclesiastical, Revelation, Seven Seals, Law of Thelema, Lift thine Head, Rich Headdress.

732 = Sanctuary, Secret Door, Great Arcanum, Invocation, Rare Scents.

738 = RPSTOVAL, Star of Space, Kerubic Sun, Severity, Conquering, Circumference, Five Senses, Joy of Earth, Means and Means, Conspiracy.

744 = Hoor-Pa-Kraat, Harpocrates, Splendour, Subtlety, Autonomy, Angra Mainyu, Goat of Mendes, Son of Satan, Star Ruby, Aureae Crucis, Prima Materia, Fire and Water, Conjunctio, Compassion.

750 = Aurora Aureae, Aurum Aureae, Solar Order, One Spirit, Aeon of the Child, Nuit and Hadit, Spiritual, Mystery, Astral Sun, Unseen Force.

756 = Wormwood, Dionysus, Numinous, Lord of Light, Hierophantic, Conqueror, The Strong.

762 = Queen of Space, Circle of Light, Astral Light, Star and Snake, Laboratory, Altar of Love, Sacrificial Flame, Resurrect, Innermost, Oversoul.

768 = Choronzon, Emblems of Death.

774 = Lord of Thebes, Blazing Star, Stellar Self, Intimate Fire, Love and Will, Hierosgamos, Magick of Thelema.

780 = Babe of the Abyss, Infinite Space, Priestess, Secret Word, Three Ordeals, Rosicrucian, Sun and Moon, Elixir of Life, Drunkeness.

786 = Rose Cross, Rosae Crucis, Crucifixion, Illuminism, Sun of Light, Inner Temple, Intuition, Transmute, Alchemystical, Paradigm Shift.

792 = Prophet of AL, Chosen One of AL, Prophet of Had, Globed Priest, Sun of Assiah, Lux Occulta, Astrology.

798 = Solar Logos, Konx Om Pax, Palace of the King, Cross of Gold, Visible Object.

804 = Serpent Flame, Force of Coph Nia.

810 = Ra-Hoor-Khut, Secret Centre, Circle Squared, Sublimation, Exceed by Delicacy, Rich Garments.

816 = Fire and Sword, Consecration, Fraternity.

822 = Eye of Horus, Cube in the Circle, Divine Element, Red Tincture, Chaioth ha Qadosh, Shemsu Heru, Lord of Silence, Child of the Beast, Child of Baphomet, Capricornus, Zoroaster.

828 = Queen of Heaven, Kisses of Nu, Host of Heaven, Lapis Lazuli, Synthesis, Ouroboros, Ropstoval, Spirit of God, Lord of Lords, Man in the Sun, Hierophantes.

834 = English Alphabet, Four Cherubim, Preterhuman, Anointed Cherub, Sun of Nuit, Sun of Thelema, Thunderbolt.

840 = Magnum Opus, Hermaphrodite, Prometheus, Conjuration.

846 = Purification, Tribulation, False Prophet, Reincarnation, Relativity, Quantum Leap, Flaming Sword, Foursquare, Secret Temple, Starry Blue.

852 = Astron Argon, Ankh-f-n-khonsu, Forth-Speaker, Eagle of Liberty, Angel of the Lord, Novus Homo, Abstruction, Rich Fresh Blood, Primus Agens, Silver and Gold, Astral Temple.

858 = Hoor-Paar-Kraat, Invisible Self, Immortal Self, Starry Self, Silver Star, Star of Nuit, Beauteous One, Eye of the Sun, Adeptus Major, Sanctification, Virgin's Milk, Cunnilingus, House of Tum.

864 = Ra-Hoor-Khuit, Double Wanded One, Ankh-af-na-khonsu, Prophet of All, Chosen One of All, Mark of the Beast, Sagittarius, Scarlet Woman, Rose of Ruby, Menstruum, Great Magical Agent.

870 = The Unknown, Laboratorium, Flame of the Sun.

876 = Child of Therion, Secret Master, Fire of the Sun, Gold of the Sun, Eye in the Sky, Collective Mind, Enlightenment, Shakti and Shiva, Chymical Marriage, Manifestation, Quicksilver, Om Mani Padme Hum, Svadhistthana.

882 = Jasmine and Rose, New Symbols, Choose ye well, Sacred Serpent, Worshipper, Under the Earth.

888 = A Secret Glory, English Gematria, Aurum Solis, Isis Unveiled, Circle of Stars, Rise Up and Awake, Law of Liberty, Implicate Order, Orgone Energy, Solar Phallos, Collective Self, Divine Presence, Morning Star, Star of the Child, Conspirator, Putrefaction, Nebuchadnezzar.

894 = Lovely Star, Unit of Nuit, Son of Baphomet, Infinite Factor, First Matter, Axle of the Wheel, Holy of Holies, Kingdom of Heaven, Passionate Peace.

900 = Liber AL vel Legis, Qabalah of the Sun, Children of Light, New Aeon of Heru, Starry Lord, Rose and Cross, Star Sapphire, Transcendental, Understanding, Hour of Silence.

906 = Love is the Law, Rosy Cross, Quintessence, Holy Spirit, Lord of Hosts, Victorious, Warrior Lord, Sword of Mars, Sweet Words, Continuous, Revolution.

912 = Vault of Heaven, Rosenkreuz, Solar Initiate, Prince-Priest, Theban Warrior.

918 = Son of Midnight, Thou Availest, Circle in the Middle, Path of the Sun, Androgynous, Ipsissimus, Causeless Cause, Medicine of Metals, Four Elements, Strange Drugs, Night-blue Sky, Unconscious, Zarathustra.

924 = Star-lit Heaven, Stars of Light, Autonomous, Creeping Things, Beetle of Midnight, Prophet of Nu, Chosen One of Nu, Star of Ra-Hoor, Solar Phallus.

930 = Antichristos, Lord of the Earth, Sun of Baphomet, Beast of the Sun, Number of the Man, Fallen Angels of God, Starry Eyes, My Chosen Ones, Adeptus Minor, Knowledge of Death, Immortality, Firmament of Nu.

936 = Solar Spirit, Leaping Laughter, Burning Hearts, Purple and Green, House of Khephra.

942 = Star of the East, Fourfold Word, Way of the Sun, Business Way, Contemplation, Dissolution.

948 = Holy Chosen One, Majesty of Godhead, Warrior of Nu, Strong in War, Floor of the Palace, Wine of the Sabbath, Solve et Coagula, Philosophus.

954 = Sun of Midnight, All is not Aught, Seed in the Metals, Blood of the Moon, Redintegration, Nosce te ipsum, Union with God, Twenty-Six, Sixfold Secret.

960 = Enginery of War, Labor of Hercules.

966 = Antichristus, Initiating Lord, Lord of Liberty, The Law is for All, Word of Baphomet, Mount Abiegnus.

972 = Blue-lidded Daughter, High Priestess, Miracle of Miracles, Oil of Vitriol.

978 = Infinite Stars, Company of Heaven.

984 = Scarlet Concubine, Worship of Nu, Love and Liberty, Spirit of Heru, Cult of the Sun.

990 = Summum Bonum, Resurrection, Ferro Atque Igni, Be Strong in War.

996 = Kings of the Earth, Eyes of the Night, Worshippers, Secret Ardours.

1002 = Magister Templi, Quantum Jump, Sword in my Hand, Dragon of the Sun, Secret Serpent, Eternal Ecstasy.

1008 = Stella Matutina, Order of the Sun, Occultum Lapidem.

1014 = Winged Secret Flame, Particle of Dust, Choose ye an Island, Invisible House, Palace of the Stars, Sanctum Regnum, Seal of Perfection, Peace Unutterable, Grand Mystery, Wisdom of the Ages.

1020 = Power of Lust.

1026 = Avatar of the Sun, Metamorphosis.

1032 = Love under Will, Coiled Splendour.

1038 = There is success, Apostle of Thelema, Alphabet of the Sun.

1044 = Limitless Light, Serpent Power, Holy Guardian Angel, Quartus Kerub, Quartus Cherub, Foursquare Name.

1050 = Stele of Revealing, Azure-lidded Woman, Arcanum Arcanorum, Mass of the Holy Ghost, Circumambulation, House of Ahathoor.

1056 = Milk of the Stars, Little Flowers, Joy of the World, Spirit of Nuit.

1062 = Spermatozoon, Hell's own Worm, Eye in the Triangle, Archangel of the Sun, Prince of Darkness, Antichristiandom, Push thy Order, Hierophantic Task, Unimaginable Joys.

1068 = Supreme Ritual, To Hell with them, One cometh after him, Stone of the Sages.

1074 = Blood of the Red Lion, No expected House, Temple of the Sun, Hidden and Glorious, Son of Perdition, Lift up thyself, Crown of Creation, Spiritual Sun, That which remains.

1080 = Dominus Liminis, Red Circle in the Middle, Secret of Secrets, Sun of Tiphareth.

1086 = Kingdom of the Sun, Victory and Joy.

1092 = Heart of the Master, Inner Sanctuary, Light of the World, Fruit of the Sun, Star-Splendour, Excellent Kisses, Strike hard and low.

1098 = Universal Medicine, Stone of the Wise, Five Pointed Star, Rose of the World, Sepher Yetzirah.

1104 = King among the Kings, Lapis Mercurius.

1110 = Four Keys of Magick, Kerubim of the Earth, Fire-Water-Air-Earth, Ultimate Sparks.

1116 = Child of thy Bowels, Grave Mysteries, Matter in Motion.

1122 = Twin Warriors, Warrior of Thelema, Spirit of Ra-Hoor, Smite the Peoples, Three Ordeals in One, A Word not known.

1128 = Child of the Prophet, Age of the Antichrist.

1134 = Winged Snake of Light, Warrior-Priest, Knights of Baphomet.

1140 = One to follow thee, Numbers and Words.

1146 = Astrum Argentum, Pinnacles of Power.

1152 = Spirit of Baphomet, Son of the Morning, From right to left.

1158 = Praemonstrator, Mother of Harlots.

1164 = Centre of Pestilence.

1170 = Key of the Rituals, Three Grades of Thelema, Battle of Conquest, Lofty Chosen Ones, Bornless Spirit, Core of every Star, Priest of the Sun, Initiate of the Sun, Unicursal Hexagram.

1176 = Deal hardly with them, With Fire and Sword.

1182 = Minutum Mundum, Quadrature of Circle.

1188 = Drink Sweet Wines, Talk not overmuch.

1194 = Do What Thou Wilt, Spirit of the Sun, Antichristianity, Prophet of the Beast, Prophet of Baphomet, Hierophant of Thelema, Serpent of the Tree, Lust and Worship.

1200 = Numbers of the Sun, Perpetual Motion.

1206 = Girders of the Soul.

1212 = From Gold forge Steel, Star of the Morning, Starry System.

1218 = Great Work of Thelema.

1224 = Equinox of the Gods, Trees of Eternity.

1230 = God of War and of Vengeance, As brothers fight ye.

1236 = Mountain of Abiegnus, Prophet of the Sun.

1242 = There are Love and Love, Miracle of the One Thing.

1248 = Thou shall reveal it, Victorious City, Legions of the Living, Joy of my Rapture.

1254 = Adeptus Exemptus, Refine thy Rapture.

1260 = Warrior of the Sun, Proof to the World, Squaring of the Circle, Stone of Eternity.

1272 = Lord of the Threshold, Sword of the Kerubim, Inmost Sanctuary, Eucharist of the Sun.

1278 = Queen of Infinite Space, Kisses of the Stars, Knights of the Temple, Pillars of the World.

1284 = Transpersonal Self.

1290 = Priestess of Nuit.

1296 = City of the Pyramids, Lord of the Universe, Christeos Luciftias, Hierophant of Horus, Victorious Armies, Swell with my Force, Spiritum Sanctum, Uttermost Delight, Miraculous Colour.

1302 = Tribulation of Ordeal.

1308 = Arrow of Aspiration.

1314 = Four Gates to One Palace.

1320 = House of the Prophet, Child of the Sun and Moon.

1326 = Hawk-Headed Mystical Lord, System and System, Interior Universe.

1332 = Hierophant of the Sun, Energized Enthusiasm.

1338 = Surpass the Stars, From top to bottom.

1344 = Crowned and Conquering, Sword of the Spirit, Uplifted in thine Heart.

1350 = Priest of the Princes.

1356 = Write sweet words, Great Work of the Sun.

1362 = Secret Fourfold Word.

1368 = Empress and Hierophant, Joy of Dissolution, Gluten of the White Eagle, Universal Solvent.

1374 = Stooping Starlight, Strive ever to more.

1386 = Warrior Lord of Thebes, Supreme and Terrible God, Apo Pantos Kako Diamanos.

1392 = The Slaves shall Serve, Mother of Abominations.

1398 = Logos of Ra-Hoor-Khuit, Star of the Antichrist, Spirit of Antichrist, Light-Life-Love-Liberty, Know-Dare-Will-Be Silent, Philosopher's Stone.

1404 = Reward of Ra-Hoor-Khuit, Prophet of Ra-Hoor-Khu, Chosen One of Ra-Hoor-Khu.

1410 = Winners of the Ordeal x, Trample down the heathen.

1416 = Chance shape of the letters.

1422 = Stops as thou wilt.

1440 = Success is thy Proof, Powers of the Sphinx.

1446 = Omnipresence of my Body, Purple beyond Purple, Priestess of the Moon.

1452 = Lighten the ways of the Ka, Lapis Philosophorum, Splendour and Rapture, Existence is Pure Joy.

1458 = Unassuaged of Purpose, Vigour of your Arms, Abide with me Ra-Hoor-Khuit.

1464 = Great White Brotherhood, Discover the Key of it all, Soften and smooth down.

1470 = Open the ways of the Khu.

1476 = Temple of the Antichrist.

1482 = Let Blood flow to my Name.

1488 = Enterer of the Threshold, Abomination of Desolation.

1494 = Novus Ordo Seclorum, Temple not made with hands.

1500 = Nuit! Hadit! Ra-Hoor-Khuit!

1512 = Light higher than eyesight, Spirit of the Primal Fire.

1524 = Temple of the Holy Ghost, Conjuration of the Four.

1536 = Division hither homeward.

1554 = Sanctuary of the Gnosis, Rosae Rubeae et Aureae Crucis.

1560 = Crowned and Conquering Child, Fresh fever from the skies.

1572 = Visible Object of Worship.

1578 = Girt with a Sword before Me, Courage is your Armour.

1620 = None shall stand before you.

1626 = Minister of Hoor-Paar-Kraat.

1650 = Continuity of Existence.

1656 = Spirit-Fire-Water-Air-Earth.

1668 = Prince of the Power of the Air, Circle squared in its failure.

1674 = Mystery of Mysteries.

1680 = Lurk! Withdraw! Upon them!

1686 = Blue-lidded Daughter of Sunset.

1710 = Law of the Battle of Conquest.

1716 = Stones of Precious Water.

1722 = Stone of the Philosophers.

1746 = Secret of Perpetual Motion.

1770 = Voluptuous Night-sky.

1782 = Warrior-Priest of the Sun.

1806 = Prophet of the Lovely Star.

1818 = Lust and Worship of the Snake.

1884 = Raise the Spell of Ra-Hoor-Khuit, Unity uttermost showed.

1890 = With Swords and with Spears.

1920 = Lord of the Hosts of the Mighty.

1938 = Love is the law, love under will.

1962 = Priestess of the Silver Star.

1980 = Inspired forth-speaker of Mentu.

2004 = Infinite Possibilities of Nuit, Pleasure of uttermost delight.

2034 = Lightening the girders of the soul.

2118 = Direful judgments of Ra-Hoor-Khuit.

2124 = Dung it about with Enginery of War.

2148 = I am the Lord of the Double Wand of Power, Hawk-Headed Lord of Silence and of Strength.

2208 = Ultimate Sparks of the Intimate Fire.

2232 = Enjoy all things of sense and rapture.

2478 = There is no law beyond Do what thou wilt.

2664 = Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

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