By David Cherubim.
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Unicursal Hexagram

0. Give ear to our Gnosis, and open your heart to Understanding the Wisdom of our Voice; for we shall now throw Light upon the Royal Road by these words scribed for your Illumination.

1. First, know that the body is the temple of the mind, and the mind is the temple of the Soul, and that these are really one. The Soul is your Inner Self, your True Self, the God of your life. There is no other God for you than your own Soul.

2. To believe that God is separate from you is an illusion. God is within you and is ultimately who you really are. Not you, the illusive ego, the personality, the temporal self, but you, as an eternal Soul, your True Self.

3. Yes, in reality YOU are God, but the fact is you have been hiding in plain sight from yourself, playing hide and seek with something that cannot be hidden except by your own ignorance.

4. However, the God we are referring to is not some old grumpy deity sitting on a celestial throne in Heaven judging and condemning his own creation, or other such childish nonsense.

5. God is not a person, but the inmost center, essence and energy of your very existence. It is an inner state of divine being. God lives in your Heart of Hearts in the Sanctuary of your Soul. It is the great Mystery of your Life and the ultimate destiny of your existence.

6. To know this God you must think outside of the box of conventional religion. Fortunately you can do this by taking a quantum leap outside of the box, and then by throwing away the box itself or your conditioned beliefs.

7. This God within you is neither male nor female. It is rather the source and unity of all Opposites. It is the Spirit of the Tao within you, the source and the balanced interplay of the Yin and Yang, or the Feminine and Masculine Forces of Nature.

8. In the ancient Mundaka Upanishad it is written: “In truth, who knows God becomes God.” Ultimately, you are God; and if you will just get honest with yourself, and put aside the illusion of separation, you will realize that there is no other God that you must answer to; and your body, with its functioning brain and mind, is an extension of your God, that is, your Soul.

9. Nothing is more important in life than for you to recognize your own immortal Soul and to follow its Path from within. Ergo, it is called the Great Work and the Path of the Wise.

10. The Soul is the Great Mystery underlying and tying together all spiritual, religious and psychological systems of illumination.

11. The greatest miracle of all―the miracle of miracles―is when someone realizes their Soul, follows their own Path from within, and experiences Enlightenment, or the Peace of their Soul.

12. The first lesson and requirement for true Spiritual Living is to realize the fact that you are a living Soul, an eternal Spirit who has incarnated on Earth to realize itself by following its own Path.

13. You are probably an old Soul since you are reading these words to help awaken certain spiritual facts within you that you have most likely known through many incarnations. Every Soul is eternal, but certain Souls have reincarnated more than others, on earth as well as on other planets, and this is what we mean by old Soul.

14. Of course, we are referring to your Spiritual Soul, the Atman of Yoga, the Spirit of God within you that is realized through meditation, of which there are two main types: Active Meditation and Silent Meditation.

15. Active meditation is realizing the Soul through consecrated action, which is true ritual; and silent meditation is realizing the Soul through concentration in silence, of which there are many forms, and this includes concentration on the Silent Self.

16. You cannot understand meditation or the effects of it without direct experience. Meditation is the beginning and end of all true spiritual practice, but until you have knowledge of something, based on direct experience, it is meaningless, and no amount of belief can change that.

17. Meditation is not a belief, a theory, a religion, or a philosophy; it is a truth that cannot be understood except by experience through your own body and mind. Samadhi, or Union with God, only arises through meditation, and the body and mind, though transcended, are necessary instruments to this end.

18. Without the body and mind you cannot meditate and experience the Vision of Atman, your Soul, your True Self, nor can you know its True Will or the Path it has mapped out for itself. The body itself is more holy than any external temple or church when the mind is functioning in a state of Understanding.

19. When you go to a church or temple in the external world to worship God, you go with your body and mind, and that is where your true religious or spiritual feelings come from, not from any symbolic crosses, wafers, statues, priests, sermons, or scriptures.

20. These things can help trigger certain numinous feelings from within you, but that is the extent of their power. You are the only one who really gives power to any of these things. In fact, it all comes from within YOU.

21. True religion, that is, your relationship with God, is within you, and you do not need to go to a church, temple, or any other external place of worship to experience and know God. God is always within you, whoever you are, wherever you are.

22. The outer world is here to teach you about the inner world of the Spirit; the temporal or finite is intended to indicate the eternal or infinite; illusions exist to reveal the truth, not to deceive or blind you.

23. So instead of looking for God outside of yourself, and depending on external things or people to know God, which is really impossible, look only within yourself for the Truth, and depend only on your Soul.

24. Your body with its nervous system is where God lives, moves, and has its Being. You can begin to experience and know God anywhere, in any place, and at any time, once you understand, through experience, that your body and mind are the Temple of God, and that your very Soul is God within you.

25. Your body contains more wisdom than your mind, and your body is connected more with your subconsciousness and its feelings than your consciousness and its thoughts.

26. The body is the outer manifestation of the subconsciousness. It is, in terms of growth, older than the conscious mind which is really an extension of your body and its functioning brain.

27. You are here in your body for an essential work of spiritual significance; your body is a necessary instrument for a task of great importance. Without your body and its senses, you cannot realize God and the Path of your Soul.

28. Now, at this very moment, your body and your senses are made manifest for you to realize and accomplish a crucial task of individual and collective significance.

29. However, you are not your body, nor its senses, and so you should not be identified with your body, but stand outside of it as an observer, a witness.

30. If you can witness something, it means that you are beyond that thing and you can transcend it in your consciousness. You are the SEER, not that which is seen.

31. You are always witnessing your senses in the form of your desires, usually becoming identified with them; but if you go within and acknowledge your spiritual Soul beyond your senses and desires, then do you transcend your senses and desires, and you can then direct them according to the Path of your Soul.

32. When you stand above the senses you are able to obtain a certain measure of control over the elements of Nature so that they become useful tools on your Path.

33. To be identified with your True Self, that is your Soul, beyond the body and its desires, is to transcend the body and senses, and to realize who you really are. You then become consciously non-attached to the senses and achieve the sublime experience of your Soul.

34. When this is the case, you can then freely indulge in all the desires that you so will in harmony with your True Nature. Your senses will then be perfect mediums of expression for the creative liberty of your Soul.

35. But know that in essence you are not your body and senses. This is a simple truth based on the fact that you are witnessing their activities as an observer, and anything you are witnessing is just a partial perception cast upon the screen of your temporal mind.

36. All things that you perceive are thoughts in your temporal mind, and you are just as much beyond your thoughts as you are beyond your body and senses. But just like the body and senses, the mind and its thoughts are effective tools for the True Self, to do its True Will, after they have been transcended and you are no longer attached to them or identified with them. Thoughts are reflections in the mirror of your mind, and you are neither a reflection, nor a mirror, but you are that which is looking at the mirror and reflections.

37. All thought is derived from sense perceptions, and indeed you are above them all. They are not God, your Soul which is, in essence, beyond all thought. God is not a thought, and you cannot directly know God by way of any thought in the mind.

38. From now on, we will rarely be using the word God in this writing, not out of criticism for the word, rather due to the fact that this word has unfortunately come to be too identified with a male superior divinity and with so many other irrational ideas that are simply useless to our scientific times and advanced stage of spiritual evolution.

39. Instead, we will be using terms that are a little less subject to being misunderstood―or at least a little less susceptible to superstition and delusion―such as Soul, Inner Self, Silent Self, or True Self.

40. The True Self is the Yechidah of the Qabalah. In the Qabalah, the Soul has various parts or aspects of consciousness. Yechidah is a name for the inmost supernal part of the Soul, or for the Universal Spirit itself in its purest and utmost nature, symbolized by the topmost Sephira on the Qabalistic Tree of Life, called Kether, the Crown. Kether is the Qabalistic equivalent of Sahasrara, the Crown Chakra of Yoga which symbolizes Spiritual Enlightenment.

41. In Yoga, the True Self is the Atman, which is called the Spirit of Brahman in the Yoga classic, the Bhagavad-Gita. It is who you really are. Yes, you are a Spirit, a Soul; and this Soul is beyond your body with its feelings and your mind with its thoughts.

42. Feelings, rather than thoughts, are more true to the Soul; but feelings, just like thoughts, are not who you really are. The Soul is who you really are and it is untouched by feelings and thoughts. The Soul is pure, an incorruptible Spirit within you.

43. It is when feelings are attached to thoughts and thoughts are attached to feelings that the real trouble starts in the mind and body, and you think and feel that one is the other. This confusion of the planes is like a virus that should be removed from your mind. Your mental hard-drive should be deprogrammed and restored to its natural setting, and then reprogrammed with the facts.

44. The mind is not separate from your body, and it is comprised of innumerable impressions from external influences related to the body, that is from impressions arising from the experiences of the physical senses of your body.

45. The mind, called the sixth sense in Buddhism, is directly related to the body and it lives through the five senses of the body, that is, sight, taste, smell, touch, and hearing; it has developed through the five senses of the body, and it can never rise beyond them.

46. The body and mind exist together; one cannot exist without the other; they run parallel to each other. What is done to the body is done to the mind, and what is done to the mind is done to the body. One affects the other. Face this obvious fact, once and for all, and let your body and mind work in harmony with each other, like Yin and Yang.

47. If the body and mind are not working in harmony, and they are in a state of unconscious conflict, then both mental and physical disorders result from this conflict. The body and mind are really one, and they must function as one to exist in harmony. This harmony reflects the spiritual state of the Soul, which is PEACE.

48. Like the body, the mind is not really a spiritual entity, that is, Spirit in pure form; it is rather an outer phenomenon, or Spirit vibrating at a lower frequency.

49. In practical terms, the mind is an invisible storehouse of memories, an accumulation of the past. It is a machine, a biological computer which collects data, a very useful device to survive, to create and to learn with, but it is incapable of showing you the Truth within.

50. As long as you are identified with your mind, and projecting your past in the form of your thoughts, ideas, judgments, beliefs, emotions, and desires for fulfillment in the future, you are missing the direct reality of what is here and now, the truth of your Soul, the awareness of perfection, the uncontaminated consciousness beyond your mind.

51. To understand the true Essence of Life, to see into the One Reality of what is, demands the transcendence of the mind with all its projections, thoughts, ideas, judgments, emotions, desires, and beliefs from the past.

52. DIRECT AWARENESS from your Soul is always here and now; it is not from the past; it is always in response to what is happening NOW.

53. Believing or thinking cannot give you DIRECT AWARENESS. You can only know it by intuition and direct experience in your inner consciousness. When you know something by direct experience, belief plays no part in it; and you do not develop genuine Understanding and Wisdom about something through the mind by thinking about it.

54. The mind with all of its beliefs and thoughts needs to be transcended if you are to understand anything accurately with true insight and DIRECT AWARENESS, that is, with a crystal clear consciousness from your Soul within.

55. True understanding of anything is a DIRECT AWARENESS of it without any projection and interference from the mind. It is the flower of Zen, the meditative consciousness which gives rise to the intuitive experience of the inherent perfection of all things. To the Soul, all things are perfect.

56. Thinking with the mind is not a form of DIRECT AWARENESS. It is improper to assume otherwise, a confusion of planes. You can understand things without any thought, projection or ideas on your part in the silence of your Soul. You can even do it with these words, as with all else in Nature―to perceive in silence without thinking.

57. When you think with the mind you project your past memories and ideas of things that you have gathered from the outside world. The mind is a past phenomenon, and to think with the mind is to be identified with your mind and past.

58. To think with your Soul is to be above the mind, and to be free of the past, allowing you, as a Soul, to use the mind as a tool to think for yourself in the present. It is then no longer the voice of the mind which speaks, but the Voice of the Soul, the Voiceless Voice of the Inner Self, that is, the Voice of Intuition speaking clearly from the silence.

59. The four Magical Virtues, also called the four Powers of the Sphinx, are to Know, to Dare, to Will, and to Keep Silent. Of these the last is the golden key to inner Wisdom. It is true prayer, true meditation, to be silent, to hear the Voice of your Soul, and to see with its inner Eye, that is, your third Eye by which you experience DIRECT AWARENESS.

60. Silence your mind, become centered in the Inner Space of your Soul, and experience DIRECT AWARENESS from within. Then will you understand these words, and all else, from the Inner Silence of your Soul, from the Soundless Sound of your inner Spirit.

61. DIRECT AWARENESS is from the silence within, not from the noise of the mind. It comes from your Soul. When the mind becomes silent and you are truly centered and at peace in your Inner Space, you do not project your thoughts into Outer Space, clouding your inner vision. In silence you can see into the intuitive and direct reality of all that is here and now as revealed by your Soul, rather than by what is projected by the mind.

62. The greatest confusion is between the mind and the Soul, and such is the greatest source of conflict for the Will. But when the Soul is realized and the mind is transcended, the Will is then free to be, to create, without the mind restricting its nature and way. The master of the mind is the Will, which comes from the Soul.

63. The Will is the most direct expression of the Soul; it is the Center in the circle of the mind. On the circumference of the circle are all of the other psychological functions positioned, whereas the Will is in the Center of it all.

64. It is the Will that confers consciousness of the Soul, since the Will is born directly from it and represents its very nature. Of course, we are referring to the Will of the Spirit―that is, Thelema, the True Will―not to the human will, which is the will of the shadow self, the ego.

65. Now when you understand your mind for what it really is, you have already commenced the essential process of transcending your mind, that is, your accumulated past crystallizing itself into a false identity. This false identity is the ego, the I, which identifies itself with feelings and thoughts.

66. Stop thought; not by forcing your mind to stop thinking, but by listening to the silence within; and become who YOU really are, that is, the THINKER, the OBSERVER, the WATCHER, the SILENT SELF; and learn to see things directly without your mind projecting itself with all your accumulated impressions and ideas from the past.

67. See what is, not through the past, not through your accumulated impressions and ideas, but through a deep silence of thought without any projection on your part. Know your Silent Self, and look at things directly from the silence within.

68. The more you practice this DIRECT AWARENESS of things from the silence within, the more you will realize the true nature of the mind, how it is no more than a mere instrument of your Soul, and that you must train it and use it only as such, just like the body.

69. The mind and body operate in accordance with the law of cause and effect, that is, the Law of Karma. In the Bhagavad-Gita, it is stated: “Karma is the force of creation, wherefrom all things have their life.” It is Newton's third law of motion: For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

70. Fortunately your Soul is beyond cause and effect, and so YOU are beyond Karma. Every effect comes from a cause; every cause comes from an effect; it is a perpetual chain of links.

71. The Soul, however, does not come from anywhere but itself. It is Self-Created. It is born of its own eternal essence and nature, and it transcends the chain of Karmic links.

72. There is no Karma in the Soul: the Soul is beyond Karma. And you can break and then remake the chain of Karma, without attachment, by the Will of your Soul.

73. You exist beyond Karma, but you can make proper use of it to fit and fulfill your Path by counterbalancing one cause with another and one effect with another.

74. If you think a thought or act a certain way that is contrary to your Will, then you swing the balance to the opposite thought or action, and maintain your Attention thereto. Concentration is the key of success to this work of Equilibrium, as with all else.

75. The law of cause and effect, or the Law Karma―that is, the Law of Thought and Action―applies to the mind and body, not to the Soul.

76. There is a higher Law, above cause and effect. That higher Law is Love. Love is the One Law of the Soul. Every other law is subject to this One Law in light of the Soul. For, in truth, the Soul is Love.

77. When you come to realize who YOU really are―an Eternal Soul―and when you follow the Path of your Soul, or, in other words, when you do your True Will, you live and move and have your being in Love. When you live in Love, you live without fear, the state of the ego, and you can then appropriately respond, rather than react, to your internal and external experiences to fulfill your True Will.

78. When you only live according to the law of cause and effect, or the Law of Karma, you live in an unpleasant state of mental stress and physical tension, and you react out of fear of the consequences for your actions. This reaction makes for more fear. It is a vicious circle that must be broken by Love under Will, that is Love directed by the Will of the True Self to fulfill the true nature of that Self.

79. Thought is inner action; physical action is the offspring of thought; and physical action in turn influences thought. It is the Circle of Karma. It begins and ends with thought, so it is under your control, relatively speaking.

80. One translation of the opening lines of the Buddhist Dhammapada is: “All that we are is the result of what we have thought: it is founded on our thoughts, it is made up of our thoughts.” In other words, you are what you think. Of course, this only applies to you as the body and mind. The Soul is not a thought, or any series of thoughts, but that which is beyond all thought: the THINKER.

81. What you are, mentally and physically, arises from your thoughts and ends with your thoughts. Your Soul, however, does not arise from anything but itself and, unlike the mind and body, it is eternal. It is that which remains after the mind and body die. It is that which was, and is, and is to come.

82. When Buddha declared that there is no Atman, or Soul, he was really just rebelling against the popular idea of the Atman during his time, that is, the existence of a personal permanent soul. For there is only one Soul in Truth, the impersonal Soul of Souls, the Spirit of Spirits, which is called Brahman in the ancient Vedas, Upanishads, and Bhagavad-Gita.

83. The idea of a personal soul is an illusion. A ray from the Sun is the Sun itself in action; a wave in the Ocean is the Ocean itself in motion. Everyone is Brahman, God, or the Soul of Souls.

84. In magical terms, the Microcosm is the Macrocosm: the Soul is the Whole Universe. So in truth there really is no personal Atman except as a Point-of-View of Brahman, a device for Self-Realization.

85. In the Bhagavad-Gita, it is written: “Brahman is the Supreme, the Eternal. Atman is his Spirit in man.” Atman, or the Soul, is a name for Brahman in you. When you view the Soul as nothing but God, the Universal and Selfless One, the All in All, then the Buddhist Wisdom of Anatta ―no soul, or no self―will become crystal clear to your Understanding.

86. Now, unlike the Soul, the outer life of mind and body is sequential, like the images in a movie which move with such velocity that you experience the impression of motion and continuity in your consciousness, but it is an illusion.

87. As a Soul you can direct your Will to slow down and stop the process through Meditation and Awareness, to slip in at the appropriate moment to change the moving picture to accord with your aspirations and the Path of your Soul. It is, in effect, an act of Magick, or causing Change to occur in conformity with your Will. It is not miraculous, but a natural power that is inherent in the Soul.

88. If the aspirations of your Will are practical, and in the scope of possibility, than there is nothing to stop you from achieving them, except yourself. Whatever your aspirations may be, you can achieve them all.

89. Success has many forms, and the evidence of your success is in the act of following your own Path, traveling your own Royal Road, and doing your own True Will, whatever that may be for you.

90. Only you can stand in the way of your True Will. The only enemy to your success is you. Yes, you are the only enemy that you must face and conquer. When one flowers into Enlightenment, the personal self, the ego, the I, is transcended and the enemy is defeated.

91. Enlightenment is when there is no personal self, only the True Self, which is universal and impersonal in nature. It is the selfless experience of Nirvana, the transcendent state of Peace, when identification with the personal self, the illusive I, the ego, has been annihilated by you experiencing and understanding the Truth.

92. The personal self or personality is then no longer the point of reference, but rather it becomes a tool to realize the True Self and to do its True Will. The personal self, the ego, the I, relates to the world and others, and is not inside you. It is a social phenomenon, a projection, a reflection; it is not your True Self.

93. Enlightenment is when you are centered in the consciousness of your True Self and made responsible for your own Path and success, and success is ultimately knowing your True Self by following your own Path, or doing your True Will, from within.

94. If you are an artist producing your art―and sharing it with the world, if that be part of your plan―with or without financial gain or worldly fame, than you are following your own Path and you are already successful. Material wealth or fame do not define your success unless, of course, it is part of your Path to secure wealth or fame.

95. However, if you are following your own Path and you acquire wealth or fame as part of it, it is just a means to fulfill your Path, your True Will. Wealth or fame are dedicated to a greater cause in this case and only contribute to the progress of your Path which, in turn, helps others.

96. If you are an artist, then your responsibility and joy should be to be the best artist that you can be for yourself and others, and to focus your attention on making art. The act of making art is the goal of the true artist; the act of creating art is the True Self of the artist in action; it is making art for art’s sake.

97. There is no ego, no self, no doer, just the doing in the expression of pure art. The doing itself is the fulfillment of the artist’s True Will. The art is done without lust of result, freely and joyously from the Soul. The same principle applies if you are a writer, or a musician. The artist loves to make art, the writer loves to write, and the musician loves to make music. The only thing that dictates and really inspires his or her actions comes from within.

98. Now there is only one Way for you to go, that is your Way, or the Way of your True Will which is your True Self in action. Such is your own Path that you are here to realize and follow. Such is the Royal Road to true Enlightenment, Joy and Peace.

99. Everyone can experience Peace, including YOU, even if your calling in life is to be a warrior and fight on battle fields, for Peace is really within you, eternally present, no matter whom you are, what you are, or where you are.

100. Peace is not in Outer Space; it is in Inner Space. It is in the Sanctuary of your Soul. You do not need to believe in it to experience it; it is already a living spiritual fact within you.

101. To experience and know this inner Peace before the death of the body is crucial to the transition. If you have reached Nirvana and found inner Peace before the body expires, you will also exist in a state of Peace thereafter, no matter what the cause of your death.

102. The Peace of which we speak is not a religious belief; it is the very state of the Soul; and to experience it does not require belief, faith, hope, or any other common religious practice. These things cannot give you Nirvana and the Peace of your Soul, nor can any temples, priests, gurus, or sacred scriptures.

103. Nothing in the external world can do more than assist you to look within for the Royal Road which leads to the Palace of Nirvana and the Peace of your Soul. Nothing but your own experiences and intuition can be of any real significance to you; and you cannot follow another, you can only follow your own Path.

104. If you are going to follow your own Path, you must give yourself the freedom to think for yourself, to believe nothing which you do not know by direct experience, and you must learn how to empower yourself through your own intuition and experiences. These words are simply a finger pointing you in a wise direction, but it is you who must take action and follow your own Path.

105. Of course, there are many who will not agree with you following your own Path; for their actual agendas depend on the opposite, that you follow them, that you depend on them, and that you let them think for you. They want to manipulate you to their own ends, consciously or unconsciously, often in the name of some so-called noble cause, pretending they want to help you when in fact they will enslave you if you follow them.

106. Unless you want to be a slave to others, you must follow your own Path and learn how to be your own master and leader. Others can, should, and will also help you on your Path, for this is part of the great mutual support system of Nature which is evident all over the globe. Teachings are everywhere and you can learn from anyone, but you must ultimately rely on yourself to follow your own Path, the Royal Road, which comes from within, not from any source without.

107. Once you thoroughly determine to become enlightened and travel the Royal Road, that is, follow your own Path by doing your True Will, you set into motion all the forces of the Universe within you to move you in that direction, that is, the Great Work for which you have incarnated.

108. To follow your own Path from within requires more courage than climbing a colossal mountain, or parachuting from a plane high in the sky, or facing and fighting a ferocious lion.

109. To follow your own Path means that you have to face, battle and conquer the greatest demon of all, and that demon is your self, your ego, your illusive I, your false identity, the shadow of your Soul.

110. To follow your own Path means that you have to think for yourself, and the only way you can think for yourself is if you transcend yourself and think from your Soul, not from your mind. It is when you, as a Soul, become unidentified with your mind and then use your mind, directing it according to the Will of your Soul.

111. This can be a life-time task, its realization ultimately depending on your capacity to be honest with yourself. Remember, dear reader: Self-honesty is the highest of all virtues and it is the Elixir of the Soul.

David Cherubim

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