The Hands of Musick

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The Elemental and Qabalistic
attributions of the fingers on the Hands
for use with Guitar, Bass, Piano, Flute and
other stringed and wind instruments.

The left and right Hands are physical symbols and channels for the Spiritual and Qabalistic Forces of OB and OD (Yin and Yang of Oriental Philosophy). OB and OD are represented by the twin Serpents on the Hermetic symbol of the Caduceus. The Caduceus is the Wand of Hermes, who is the Greek form of the Roman God Mercury.  Hermes was a God of both Musick and Magick. In the center, at the summit of Hermes' Caduceus, shines a Golden Globe of Glory which represents the Qabalistic Force of AOUR (Tao of Oriental Philosophy). AOUR is both the secret source and divine product of the balanced interplay of the Universal Forces of OD and OB or Light and Darkness.

OB, OD and AOUR also correspond with the following: the Sun, Moon and Planet Mercury in the ancient Science of Astrology; the three Occult Principles of the Mystical Art of Alchemy, called Sulphur, Salt and Mercury; the three Gunas (Elemental Qualities or Principles of Nature) of Raja Yoga, called Rajas (Activity), Tamas (Passivity), and Sattva (Equilibrium);  the three Elemental Mother Letters of the Hebrew or Angelic Alphabet, which are called Aleph, Mem and Shin; and the three popular Aristotelian or Magickal Elements of Fire, Water and Air. OB, OD and AOUR also correspond with the subtle nature and different functions of the two cerebral hemispheres of the human brain and their integrated and balanced activity in the human body or Temple of Spirit. From a Psychological point-of-view, OB, OD and AOUR can be linked with the Subconscious, Conscious and Super-Conscious (or Cosmic Conscious) modes of mentation. OB, OD and AOUR can also be related to the Jungian psychological concepts of the Anima and Animus and the enlightening or taoistic psychological effect of their active integration in the human Psyche.

In Occult symbolism, when the elements of Fire (OD) and Water (OB) are united and balanced, they produce Air (AOUR), which is the Element of Mercury, both the God and Planet.  Mercury (Mercurius) is another name, and a symbol for, the Lapis Philosophorum (Philosopher’s Stone) of the Mystical Art of Alchemy, also called Lapis Mercurius (Stone of Mercury). In spiritual terms, the Lapis Mercurius symbolizes the True Self (the Qabalistic Yechidah) and/or its True Will (the Qabalistic Chiah). Both Mercury (the God) and the True Will are represented in Tarot by the Atu of Thoth called The Hermit, who is actually an image of the God Thoth (the Egyptian form of Hermes and Mercury), and whose physical symbol of creative expression is the Hand (Yod of the Qabalah). In Aleister Crowley's Tarot of Thoth, the Hand of the Hermit is located in the center of the picture of the Hermit card (Atu IX).  For the hand is the central creative instrument of the True Will.

The Elemental
Attributions of the Hands

Of primary importance is a knowledge of the five Elements of Fire, Water, Air, Earth and Spirit, and their magickal relation to the fingers on the hands. The thumb is linked to Spirit, the index finger is linked to Water, the middle finger is linked to Earth, the ring finger is linked to Fire, and the pinky finger is linked to Air. 




Index Finger



Middle Finger



Ring Finger



Pinky Finger



The Sephirotic
Attributions of the Hands

 There is an occult and magickal link between all ten fingers of both hands and the ten Sephiroth on the Tree of Life of the Qabalah, and also with the Sun, Moon and Planets. The right thumb corresponds with the first Sephira called Kether and the Planet Pluto; the left thumb corresponds with the tenth Sephira called Malkuth and the Planet Earth (World of the Elements); the right index finger corresponds with the second Sephira called Chokmah and the Planet Uranus (or alternatively Neptune); the left index finger corresponds with the ninth Sephira called Yesod and the Moon; the right middle finger corresponds with the third Sephira called Binah and the Planet Saturn; the left middle finger corresponds with the eighth Sephira called Hod and the Planet Mercury; the right ring finger corresponds with the fourth Sephira called Chesed (or Gedulah) and the Planet Jupiter; the left ring finger corresponds with the seventh Sephira called Netzach and the Planet Venus; the right pinky finger corresponds with the fifth Sephira called Geburah and the Planet Mars; and lastly, the left pinky finger corresponds with the sixth Sephira called Tiphareth and the Sun. Using any one of these fingers on the Guitar is a way to express the Sephirotic, Solar, Lunar or Planetary Energies. The invisible eleventh Sephira on the Tree of Life, called Dašth, whose corresponding Planet is the mystical Neptune (or alternatively Uranus), does not relate to any finger on the physical hands, but rather to the invisible astral Hand that moves the two physical hands into motion.

Right Thumb

Sephirah - Kether
Planet - Pluto


10 = 1

Left Thumb

Sephirah - Malkuth
Planet - Earth


1 = 10

Right Index Finger

Sephirah - Chokmah
Planet - Uranus (or Neptune)


9 = 2

Left Index Finger

Sephirah - Yesod
Planet - Luna


2 = 9

Right Middle Finger

Sephirah - Binah
Planet - Saturn


8 = 3

Left Middle Finger

Sephirah - Hod
Planet - Mercury


3 = 8

Right Ring Finger

Sephirah - Chesed
Planet - Jupiter


7 = 4

Left Ring Finger

Sephirah - Netzach
Planet - Venus


4 = 7

Right Pinky Finger

Sephirah - Geburah
Planet - Mars


6 = 5

Left Pinky Finger

Sephirah - Tiphareth
Planet - Sol


5 = 6

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